Monday, 15 May 2017

Periodontology Class By Dr. John Kazimm at AHEAD Academy.

Periodontology class was taken by Dr. John Kazimm at AHEAD Academy, New Delhi. The topic of discussion was ‘Furcation’. It was attended by students preparing for NBDE, NDEB, USA and MDS. The etiologies of furcation involvement may include anatomic factors, extension of inflammatory periodontal disease, trauma from occlusion, pulpo-periodontal disease and root fracture involving furcations. Successful treatment to retain furcation-involved teeth remains one of the most difficult treatments in overall periodontal therapy. Using the treatment protocol of scaling & root planning as a single measure or combined with surgical procedures and proper maintenance care, in multirooted teeth with furcation involvement, a high percentage of tooth mortality has been reported.

Gummy Smile Teartment at AHEAD Academy, Mohali

A patient at AHEAD Academy, Mohali complained of gummy smile. Crown lengthening was performed. Incisal bevel was given followed by circular incision. Bone cutting and suture was given and coe pack was placed. A short clinical crown occurs as a result of, deep subgingival caries, tooth fracture, iatrogenic factors may lead to poor retention form which allow for proper tooth preparation. Surgical crown lengthening procedure is done to increase the clinical crown length without violating the biologic width.
Exposure of sufficient sound tooth structure in case of deep subgingival tooth fracture and carious lesion
To enhance retention of restoration
Correct placement of margins of restorations without violating the biologic width

Improved esthetics in patients with uneven gingival margin and excessive gingival display.